Trying to animate a custom rig


I am trying to animate this big plant thingy, but for some reason roblox’ animation editor doesnt detect the motors nor the humanoidrootpart. I rigged the plant using custom character creator, and added an animationcontroller. If anyone could look into this that’d be great!

Plant.rbxm (40.6 KB)


I believe the dummy needs a humanoid, then you can replace it with an animationcontroller for the actual animated object.


Well i just tried that, but it didnt help :frowning:
what is happening is that it thinks that a random part that is just welded is the humanoidrootpart, even though i clearly have a humanoidrootpart in the rig. And it also does not show any other parts in the list of stuff to rotate and move around


In your attached file, the HumanoidRootPart isn’t connected to the rest of the model with a Motor6D. When I added one myself, the rest of the parts showed up in the animation editor.


Thank you, that fixed it!