Trying to animate a weapon?

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Currently I’m trying to animate a weapon, there are different parts in the weapon and I wish to animate them (Such as reloading animation where the mag will be pulled out), I have already read this article which is regarding on this question, however it’s not working as intended, you can check it out here:

I have go on few tutorials through the internet and I tried to utilize the Custom Character Creator Plugin to create the Motor6D instead of manually creating it, firstly I select the dummy’s right arm and bind it with the handle of the weapon, the I bind the weapon’s handle and the part that I wish to animate separately.
And it shows up in the animation editor as intended:
However, why I can not move/rotate it? I can move the weapon but not the specific part (Pumping part)

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I’ve seen your post and, your shotgun (the entire model) is into the dummy or the Pump? You can try to add your shotgun into a Tool and then put it in the Dummy.

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The weapon’s parent is Dummy, the pump’s parent is the weapon


The cause of your issue might be because of the RightGrip weld that appears in the Right Arm or RightHand of any character that you put a default tool value into.
To get rid of this, you can probably either use a custom toolset or remove the RightGrip weld.

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I have eventually solved this problem, you can check it out here:

But here’s another problem I kinda need help with:

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