Trying to buy a limited item using a script

Im trying to make a function that buys a limited item using python.

def buylimited(itemid, price):
    sellers = getSellers(itemid)
    for seller in sellers['data']:
        if seller['price'] <= price:
               "" + str(itemid),
                headers={"X-CSRF-TOKEN": getXsrf()}, cookies=cookies, data = {"expectedCurrency":1,"expectedPrice":price,"expectedSellerId":seller['seller']['id']}).text
    return False

It’s saying that there are invalid arguments.

{"purchased":false,"reason":"InvalidArguments","productId":6803423284,"statusCode":500,"title":"Invalid Parameter","errorMsg":"Invalid arguments.","showDivId":"TransactionFailureView"}

Is there anyone who knows the correct arguments for purchasing limiteds? or any api documentation i can use?

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There’s not really any api documentation for Limited Items, did you try to look at the Item documentation?

Looked at everything and it just shows me stuff on how to get the item info, not post.

youre trying to bot limiteds? pretty sure this is against the rules

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It isn’t. Even Shedletsky (one of the first engineers at Roblox) created a trade bot and hasn’t been warned or banned for it. You can always consult with Roblox support if you don’t know though.

This might be of some help not sure.

Maybe this could help?