Trying to change shift lock icon

I was trying to change the shift lock icon and found a cool image. When I use it, it is way too big. I was wondering how to resize it because I don’t own this image. I would like to change the image to the size {(0,4),(0,4),} but I am unable to change this (The script I was using was MouseLockController).


What I would want it to look like:


local DEFAULT_MOUSE_LOCK_CURSOR = "rbxassetid://187012669"

local CONTEXT_ACTION_NAME = "MouseLockSwitchAction"
local MOUSELOCK_ACTION_PRIORITY = Enum.ContextActionPriority.Medium.Value

You have to make the circle really small you cant change the size

I’ve found a decal for you that is small

ID: 9947313248

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