Trying to create a Hit Detection system

Hello, I’ve been trying to create an FPS framework and I’m currently trying to create a hit detection system but I’m not completely sure about where to start. I’ve tried to look for solutions on the dev forum but I’ve had no luck finding one. If you have any tips on how to do so, then please reply to this topic!

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Is this what are you looking for?


Yes, thank you for showing me this! :smile:

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I have been reading this for a bit and I don’t think this will work for guns. Can you correct me if i’m wrong?

Ooh, you want guns, then check this:

If you’re not interested on the whole tutorial and only want the Hit Detector, here’s the module you can use to achieve it:


Thank you, I will take a look now.

Are you looking to make a hitscan system or projectile system? Both have advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a wikipedia article on Hitscan if you are interested.

In my opinion, Hitscan seems good in games that are arcade styled games while projectile could be used in a more realistic FPS. Though you could always mix these like Overwatch does. Overwatch has heroes that shoot with both projectile and hitscan.

I’m trying to use a projectile based system