Trying to create a smoother camera recoil system

So I have a simple FPS weapon system. It works by setting the camera subject to a part, and locking the player in first person while letting them control their own camera, no custom camera implementation. I have a gun viewmodel that is updated every frame to the CFrame of the camera.

Just a little background.

Each time the player fires the gun, camera recoil is applied. Currently, I add an offset to the existing camera’s CFrame, like so:

world_camera.CFrame *= CFrame.Angles(0, math.rad(recoil), 0)

This is actually really choppy and makes the gun hard to control with weapons that have higher recoil values, because the offset is simply higher.

I’ve tried a bunch of options, but nothing really worked well…using lerp was the closest thing I’ve got, but I feel like my entire logic for applying recoil is off. And some one gave me a good point, the weapon should also sling back to its original position, not just increasing in angle every time you fire it.

In a nutshell, I’m trying to smoothen this recoiling effect so it’s easier to aim.

Any help appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:


Using a spring library to simulate recoil would probably solve your issue. @AxisAngle did a talk about it at RDC 2020.


That looks pretty cool. Do you have any libraries in mind I could check out? Not really sure how to go about using this idea.

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