Trying to display The Name of the Zombie

Hi, I am a new dev, I am trying to make a zombie game.

So I want to display the Name of the Zombie on top of the health bar, but when i change the position i can’t get the gui where i want it to be it over laps with half of the health gui.

Edit: I am not sure if this was suppose to go to scripting support or somewhere else.

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ZIndex is a very useful thing as it applies priority to GUI objects for rendering purposes

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No, that not my problem my problem is that I want the Name of the Zombie higher then the health of the zombie

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I found it
Size offset
If you change size offset, it works.

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Not really a scripting issue.

All GuiObjects outside of a BillboardGui are hidden, all you really gotta do is make the BillboardGui bigger and readjust the size and position of the other ui elements