Trying to export humanoid into blender, but i cant make the body parts seperate

So I’m trying to make a new start up file for blender and i was doing all fine until i got to exporting and importing it on blender, I normally click on the model and exported + imported into blender and everything would be able to be selected seperately, but this time for some reason i just cant. I’ve checked for anything to untick when exporting the mesh and i saw absolutely nothing. I’m using the same methods as i used to with exporting and importing and i REALLY dont want to export each limb seperately because that would make my files all messy and i dont want that.
This is what it looks like on blender 2.8 when i import it

this is what it looks like before exporting + importing on studio

How are you exporting it?
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by right clicking the model on studio and then clicking on “export selection”

This is how blender 2.8 works, 2.79 has the ability to select different limbs, I suggest using a rig instead, here are some tutorials

(This next one is mine)