Trying to figure out how to make Non-Euclidian stuff in roblox

Since I can’t really explain it in words, here are some links to show you what I am trying to accomplish.

For the second one, the thing I’m trying to achieve is something similar to their portals between levels. For the first one, I’m trying to create confusing cooridors and such in a house.

First one:

Is this even possible in Roblox? If so, can you point me in the right direction?


What’s a good place/open sourced model to learn how to do this?

Thanks for reading.

You’ll have to use viewports, on a SurfaceGui. This is your best bet to make the effect you are looking for, it’s not an ideal solution, as viewports quality is a bit odd.

This is an open source example of how to use them. Teleportation portal demo - Roblox

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Hello 0therw0rldly!

Take a look at this game. It may not be the exact same ‘non-euclidean’ effect you are looking for, but it is open source and should help a lot.

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You might start by reading through this topic: Re-Creating a Portal Effect,
and deciding if this is even something you want to try. Roblox has one camera, and no auxiliary render surfaces besides from viewportframes, so you’re looking to do something that is already difficult in an engine that does have support for these, in an engine which doesn’t. Most of the demos are doing things that are hacky, not futureproof, and generally shouldn’t be done in a real game.

You’re not going to find a lot of other working examples because honestly, the coding and math required just to do these sorts of demos is out of reach for about 99.98% of Roblox developers.

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