Trying to find PromptProduct frame tween time

Hello recently, I added a GUI to make the PromptProductPrompt frame look better. but after, trying to tween to GUI with ProductPurchasePrompt to look like there tweening at the same speed, it completely looks different. I went throw CoreGui scrips to find at least a tweeninfo, but I didn’t find anything.

you should not be changeing core gui
tweenpos does not require a

Search for Easing or tween
but i discourage any changes to coregui

Im pretty sure CoreScrips never use TweenService and :TweenPosition().
Just keep trying to find something related to it. There is probably a function that creates a sine type tween using math formula. To find it type “Roblox core scripts” in your browser and open a github page with them. You can search for keywords by pressing F3 button.

@Qin2007 stop posting nonsense on literally every 2nd post. Maybe be more serious in 14 years?

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