Trying to get back into GFX

Tryna get back into GFX, I used to be horrible. And now I’m worse, since all of these tutorials are outdated, none help, none show how to add effects.
Anyone have youtube video tutorials?


If you try to practice Blender like Material or model or particle you should watch this channel it can teach you a lot of things in a blender

This one is really really helpful. Hope this could help you out!

That video is already old

It helped me out a ton when I was starting out. So it could help them out

If you want to make simple GFX like this

I recommend using 3d viewers to save the person in 4K and use medibang paint pro to add in effects but if you want to make it more professional use blender.(This is just a easy way)

in that video blender version is 2.80 but now blender version is 3.0.1 it change a lot of thing

I still use 2.8 lmao . To my knowledge, 3.0 is very similar to 2.8

2.8 Series Release in 2019
2.9 Series Release in 2020
3.0 Series Release in 2021
it 2 Year outdate

Ah ok didn’t know. Thx for the info

Use Ibis Paint x or photopea for effects.