Trying to get data from an external website, got Trust Check Failed

I am trying to get information from an external website, I get Trust Check Failed. Am I missing something?

local HttpService = game:GetService("HttpService")
local response = HttpService:GetAsync("")
local data = HttpService:GetAsync(response):JSONDecode()

(I’m new to devforum, sorry if I got anything wrong.)

Make sure your link is HTTPS

I did, the site is https and my code says https.

What information are you trying to get rom this website? Just seems like a generic landing page.

Just default text form it, nothing else.

Most likely they don’t accept external HTTP requests. If the link you put is a placeholder please make that clear.

What is the actual website you’re trying to make a GET request to, I presume is a placeholder?

Not sure, just wondering how it is done.

HTTPService is a method for communication with other website’s through APIs. You can’t just give it any link and have it work. The server you’re communicating with needs to have an API endpoint that it can use to send/recive information to/from to

Like lets say I try to get text from pastebin, how would it work?

Since pastebin allows you to get the raw text data in a url you can just have Roblox request the URL of the raw text data. So on pastebin just click the option to view the paste as raw and use the URL.

But you can’t use this on any regular website.

local HTTPService = game:GetService("HTTPService")

local url = ""

local data = HTTPService:GetAsync(url)

local text = JSON:Decode(data) --This is probably not required for this purpose but is a common step.

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Fixed it myself, thanks though :slight_smile: