Trying to get feedback on my game!


Would suggest to remove the tags, as they have a risk of getting your game shadowbanned. Do add some paragraph breaks and emojis to the description too.

Feedback in-game:

  1. When new Players first join, you should prompt the Player if they need the tutorial and guide them to the teleporter, instead of making the Player immediately Play Level 1.
  2. Feel that your teleporters could have been replaced with ProximityPrompts. There might be a possibility for the Player to accidentally step and get teleported to a level, which can annoy them slightly.
  3. This button at the bottom right side of the Player’s screen seems stretched out, and it doesn’t tell the Player what it does just by looking at its picture.
  4. Players aren’t able to move when attempting the stages. I feel that you could have let the Player move freely, but just make the jumps such that you have to use the game’s ragdoll system. This can be slightly game-breaking when teleporting to the Lobby etc.
  5. You should add a mechanism that will allow Players who are pressing on the Space button have a little arrow that comes out of them, to show at which angle they will launch, since this is basically a luck-guessing game where Players have to estimate just how much they have to jump. (Critical.)
  6. Personally feel that the Shop GUI is oversized. Try to scale the GUI down so it’s at a more comfortable view for Players. You should also add a tweening animation for when the Shop closes.
  7. Make sure to add badges for completing levels etc, as this encourages Players to continue playing your game to achieve them all!

Didn’t finish your game due to what I said in Suggestion 5 being absent in-game. It’s something that has potential, so just keep working hard on your game!