Trying to hinge a door for smooth open and close


I was trying to make a door that relies on hinge constraints. I don’t know what I did wrong, can someone please do it for me and explain how you did it and what I did wrong? I might be asking for too much but this would really help me out.

broken hinge door.rbxm (20.5 KB)

LOL, I HAVE THE EXACT SAME WORKING MODEL I MADE 8 MONTHS AGO . Do you want me to send you a working version i made?

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Omg please that would be so helpful

WorkingMetalDoorWithSounds.rbxm (32.2 KB)
There you go, man I made this back in July 22nd 2023. Never thought I’d find a use for it again lol.

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What is the chance you have the exact thing I am looking for. That’s wild.


LOL, I just looked at it and its the same exact model. WTF…

Yes! someone asked me to script that door model for a 150 Robux, I think this is a free model, lucky you hahaha. ALSO!, I have a keycard version of this door, it only opens with a keycard tool. lmk if you want it.

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Maybe i needed reinstall roblox studio but my all hinges or cars not working (not moving),Adonis admins fly not working Please help

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