Trying to make a player load it's character when characterautoloads is false using a remote event

So, I created a topic on this already, but it didn’t get answered like I thought it would be.
Basically, take any FPS game with a menu. Arsenal for example has a menu with GUI buttons.

So you can’t load a character when you press a gui button without a remote.
And I don’t know how to use remotes.

can somebody help?

A simple way of doing what is needed would be to add a RemoteEvent into ReplicatedStorage and to make the Button fire the RemoteEvent when the user presses on the button, something like this

local button = script.Parent
local remote = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").RemoteEvent


But in your RemoteEvent, you need some code to load the character, we can simply use the first parameter that is given automatically, the player who fired the event and load their character!

local remote = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").RemoteEvent


This is a very basically way of doing it which can also help you grasp some Remote knowledge, as it teaches you a few good things to know, suhc as how the first parameter of OnServerEvent is always the player who fired the event and that the FireServer gives it automatically so you do not need to fire it yourself

Although I still recommend reading articles and guides as well to help you out even more in understandign them

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It’s actually pretty simple when you think about it

RemoteEvents are basically the transportation from 1 side to another (Or in your instance, firing from the client to the server)

If we wanna load the Character on the server side, we could simply just reference the RemoteEvent inside ReplicatedStorage (Hence the name, “Replicated” Storage or able to replicate across both sides) in both a Local & Server Script, where the Local will be parented inside the Button, and the Server will be parented inside ServerScriptService

@EmbatTheHybrid >:( By the time 2022 passes you’re gonna be solving everyone’s problems in the #help-and-feedback category


Okay, Thanks! I would mark both of your (jack and embat) answers as solution but I can only do one. Since embat is a bit more clear, he gets solution. (Also embat, a few typos)

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Yea excuse the typos, I tend to type fast so I may’ve done a few mistakes there and there.

Also I’m a she, not a he haha

If you have anymore issues don’t be afraid to make another post!

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My bad sorry. Anyways, I’ll just try random things until it works. I’m planning to release a pretty cool fps game. spoiler:

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