Trying to make a wall that players can't go through but a zombie NPC can

Hey guys,
I’m trying to make a wall that lets a zombie NPC through but not a player. I tried looking on the dev forum and YouTube, but I couldn’t find anything that helped.

If anyone could find a way to make this work, then thank you so much!

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Collision Groups is 1 way, just change the NPC’s parts collision groups to the group that doesnt collide with the part.

Either you can use local script to make part cancollide to true, but server side will be false


Alright thanks I’ll try that right now

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oh yeah you can also try using NoCollisionConstraint, forgot to mention that


this didn’t work. Could you try to go in depth more about this

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Check in Youtube Tutorials About Collision Groups, Dont really know how explain it, but i will try

In Models Section at top, there’s advanced button at the very right, where you can open Collision Groups

You Create new collision groups and bla bla bla

When you created the collision group, You need to name it however you want, but remember it’s name, so you can set the part’s collision group to it’s name. (Same for npc)

For first collision, you can name it the wall
^ Dont touch anything

For second, you create the collision group for NPC parts.

In Second, just untick the collision group that will be used for part.

Then select the part, and name its to part’s collision group that you just made, then select parts in NPC, then set thier collision groups to NPC ones that you made

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alright I’ll try this real quick, thanks for responding

Edit - that worked! Thx for the help man!


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