Trying to make low poly windows, Neon material is being a bit too "flashy"

Hi, it’s potato, again. (I’m just posting constantly lol) Anyways this time I’m trying to make a low poly type house and I’m currently working on the windows, but the neon material is a bit bright and covering up it’s frame. Just see for yourself.

Does anyone have some advice, like what you would do for low poly windows? Any feedback would be apreciated.


I normally just use smooth plastic with a bit of reflectance.

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Ok I’ll take that into consideration, thanks for the feedback.

You’re not limited to the brick color palette, bricks have a fully unlocked Color3 property. Neon’s glow intensity is controlled by the color’s brightness. Try playing around with it until you find a color that looks nice.

RobloxStudioBeta_2019-08-02_19-40-32 163, 160, 123
RobloxStudioBeta_2019-08-02_19-40-37 253, 234, 141

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Oh that sounds really useful, thanks!

Does this still look to bright or do you guys think it’s good?

You can also make the transparency 0.05 or 0.1 to make it less bright

Besides changing the color’s brightness, you can also mess with the transparency of the neon

Personally what I would do is use the Neon Material but put another part in front of it and change it to a Glass Material.

Then you could easily adjust the “flash” of the neon material by changing the transparency of the glass.



Ok thanks for all your feedback everyone! I plan to post once I finish this building, you guys have helped alot!

Also wow it’s Nosniy :open_mouth:

you could change the transparency, i made a post not to long ago of how to control neon, you can find it here!

What I normally do is turn the transparency to around 0.4 - 0.55. It makes the neon a lot less bright.