Trying to Offset Rotation on a Mesh

Hey Developers,

I’m trying to make an SCP game with this NPC who follows you around, but his hair mesh is rotated and therefore looks really terrible. I want to rotate the mesh, and not anything else (like the entire part/hat) so that it looks right and not weird like it does right now. I’ve tried just rotating the part, but the NPC just rotates it back when I playtest the game (obviously because the humanoid thinks the hair is meant to be the other way, or something like that). Help?

Here’s a photo of what it looks like. (Excuse it being so dark, it’s an SCP game after all.)

Thanks to anyone who can help me!

can I see the explorer to try to help you

I would try making the hair an accessory with this plugin. It’s a very nice plugin imo. (1) Asset Creator - Roblox. Arrange the hair how you want it on a dummy then go through the plugin questions.

Did you try welding it to the Head?