Trying to "Rotate" a trail texture

Hello, I’m trying to make a sword slash effect for my game with a trail following behind the sword. Right now I’m trying to make the texture for the trail fade out the closer to the handle. So the texture should be white at the tip of the sword and fade out towards the base. I have a texture that I’m using and no matter which way I rotate the texture in Photoshop it comes out the same on Roblox. Please let me know if you know the issue!



Note: I have rotated this texture all ways and it still looks the same in Roblox.

Where are your Attachments?
One should be at the tip of the sword, the other at the hilt.
The Trail should be attached between them.
Use a texture that is solid at the tip and transparent at the hilt. You can flip the locations of the Attachments if it’s the wrong orientation.
You can then make the Trail fade out during it’s length with the Transparency Property.

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I don’t think you understand. Here is the sword with the current trail:

And I need the trail rotated 90d to the left.

Even if I rotate the image in Photoshop it’s still the same.

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When I set it to the rotated texture it’s just filled in like blank:

Alright, So I did some testing with a beam and this was the result:

Rotated 90:


I’m not sure why the original works but when I try to rotate it it just streaches and breaks.

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Alright I did a test with decals now:



It’s just not showing up. I have restarted studio and everything. What the **** is going on??!!

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Got it to work, Roblox was weird so instead of importing it I went to the development items dashboard and uploaded it there :+1:

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