Trying to set GUI text to object value

I think the issue lies more so in setting up the object, rather than setting up the text for the GUI. I just wasn’t quite sure how to word it.

I know what’s wrong, and why it’s wrong, I just can’t think of how to go about doing this.

What i’m trying to achieve, is to get this data, into the GUI frame.


Here is how i’m getting that data:

and here is how i’m saving the data:

(datavalues is two intvalues inside of a folder)

When I print out v.amountcollected, I get the respective data (26,650) However, when I go to set the GUI frame, its both are set to 650. This is happening because its picking one of the v.amountcollected values, and setting both frames to it. I’m just not sure how I should go about doing this.

Why do you have two amountcollected keys? Sorry if I’m not fully understanding the issue but can’t you just give it a different key?