Trying to transfer colors to server?

Hello! I am trying to make a customization menu, where you can change the color of things with a button.

now what i want, or am hoping to do is to transfer the color of the button to the server so it can make the parts the same color as said button (Ex: The Eyes, or sleeves, etc) , but i have no clue how i would do that. I’ve tried looking stuff up but i haven’t seen anything that helps me.

I’m hoping this is something i can do so i can somewhat cut down on certain scripting.
i am using a custom model incase that is important at all.

Have you looked into RemoteEvents? Essentially they allow you to exchange data & signals between client and server.

On the client you could have:

local Colour =, 0, 0) 

And on the server:

CustomizationMenu.OnServerEveent:Connect(function(plr, colour)

-- Your code


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I knew about remote events yes, i just didnt know how to go about the color part.
this worked though, so thank you very much!

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