Trying to understand how to make doom glory kills

Hello, I’m trying to make the doom kill and glory animation,

here is an example:


Well, I assume what the original creator of this video did was check the health of the humanoid they were attacking, and when the humanoid reached a specific amount of health, it creates a SelectionBox inside of all of the NPC’s parts. Then, using something like UserInputService, they detected a keyboard input, and then used magnitude to calculate the distance between the player and the NPC. If you’re interested in the animations, they look too smooth to be animated in Roblox. They probably used the Blender plugin to import their animations from Blender. Blender is a powerful modelling and animation software if you didn’t know. It’s probably the most used modeling software for Roblox devs. If you want to make animations like that, it’s gonna take lots of time and effort, because you need to learn how to actually use the software. I hope this helped you understand how this work, and you create something great with this information! :smile:


Thanks. but I want to know how to apply the character to the animation.


You mean make the animation play on the NPC? Well, that’s pretty easy. First, insert a script into the NPC, then add an animation inside of it.

local animation = script:WaitForChild('Animation')
local humanoid = script.Parent:WaitForChild('Humanoid')
local loadAnimation = humanoid:LoadAnimation(animation)


Note: this is a very simple way to make the animation play. It’s gonna take some more code to detect when the player presses a key to do the kill, then play the animation. Or, maybe you want it to play a random kill animation every time. All this code does is play the animation once. If you have the animation set to loop, it’ll play forever. But, that’s not important, considering you won’t need to play the animation in a loop cause the NPC is dead lol


For better mechanics use magnitude

i got a question , what if the the npc is a player ?? will both of them have the animation cuz i really need it . i been searching for this a long time now .

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