Trying to use viewport frames inside of a draggable window

  1. What do you want to achieve? I am trying to get a viewport frame to do what this person did here except on a ScreenGUI, not a surface GUI. here is the post: Live Camera Feed script using ViewportFrame Handler

  2. What is the issue? Nothing renders.

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? I’ve looked for a while on the Devforum and other places, but could not find anything.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

OK,here are some things you might wanna try:

  • Try using a normal viewportframe - what is the result?
  • Are you sure you are creating the camera instance? All camera instances are destroyed on game start.
  • Did you set the viewportframe’s CurrentCamera value to the camera?
  • Are the positions right? Try using a viewportframe editor plugin to set the camera’s CFrame.
  • Is there anything on top of the viewportframe that could be blocking your view of it?
  • Are you sure you have parented the object you want to display to the viewport frame?
    Could you send us the section of the Explorer Window that shows us the viewport frame, its parents and its children too? Its properties would also be useful!
  1. Norman viewportframe? I am using a normal one… I think?
  2. Can you provide a ling to the mentioned plugin please?
  3. I will send a picture of what it looks like in explorer. (I can’t right now, because I am on mobile.

Okay, you have to put the ViewPortFrame in a GUI, set the CurrentCamera to the camera you need, and duplicate the things you want to be rendered under the ViewPortFrame

  1. Sorry, my bad here. I meant just a viewportframe. None of the draggable window stuff.
  2. Sure! - this is the version that I use and I normally have no issues with it.
  3. Alrighty!

Alright, so, first of all thanks for the help and second of all, here is the explorer section
Yes, I have just tried it with a regular viewportframe.

When you run the project, is the object parented to ViewportFrame?

You have to paste the model under tge ViewPortFrame

What object are you referring to (I know it is kind of messy, and I apologize.)

The object you want to show in the viewport frame.

Check out the link I provided in the original post, they provide a game link (uncopylocked) so you can get more context.

That’s not the problem, if you want the object to show up on the ViewPortFrame, you have to copy the model you want to show up in the ViewPortFrame, that’s the only way

The way the script works, there is no need to do that. Please check out the linked Devforum post!