{TSK} Administration Rules

1.) Admins and myself are the final say in all cases, as this position is the one meant to uphold peace in the game:

a) Admin’s orders must be followed.
b) Admin’s advice must be considered (and recommended to follow).
c) Admin’s decisions must be respected.
d) Punishments should not be contested unless deemed unfair.

2.) Admins may not participate in the political RP of {TSK}:

a) Admins must not actively be a member of a house.
b) Must not show bias towards a house.
c) During a rebellion, protect both the crown and rebels.

a) If requested, can share information to an extent.
b) Can request the removal of a house in certain cases.
c) Can partake in:
i) The Nights Watch
ii) White Walkers
iii) Sell-Swords
iv) Iron Bank
v) Similar Groups/Holding Groups

3.) Commands are to be used as little as possible, as this is an RP game constantly using admin commands will break the immersion. Commands that should be avoided are:

a) :fly
b) :fling
c) :explode
d) Other related commands.

4.) To be an admin in {TSK} You cannot participate in another GoT Genres activity:

a) Can not be in another GoT genre.
b) Must not let other genres get in the way of administrating.

a) Can partake in non-GoT related genres, that does not affect the activity of the admin in {TSK}.

5.) Bans will be given to exploiters and individuals in extreme cases, and must be reported to Innovitatemind for overseeing:

a) Repeated Mass RK (Considered killing a group of people twice)
b) Exploiting.
c) Lag Switching.
d) Abuse of the Name System (Refusal to change after one warning).
e) Related Serious Offenses.

6.) First resort should not be to jail, in minor cases:

a) Warnings should be offered if jailing is not necessary.
b) The number of warnings can be deemed by the severity of the offence.
c) In serious offenses, a jail sentence can be surpassed, for greater punishments (i.e banning for someone exploiting, mass RKing).

7.) Jailing:

a) Jail time has NO SET LIMIT (depending on the crime), however in ordinary cases, is generally considered to be around 10 minutes, hence can be shortened/lengthened. Admins are advised to stick to the 10-minute guideline in most cases, however, if a longer jail time is requested/required, should inform the owner.
b) Admins have the ability to reset the timer if the offender carries on offending whilst imprisoned (i.e Abuse of name system, killing inside the cell).
c) Admins DO have the ability to jail for PREVIOUS offenses in certain cases, however, it is advised the owner is notified (cases, where evidence is supplied after the crime, is committed).

7.) If anyone in the rank of Lord Paramount and above abuses their ability to promote and demote people in {TSK}, Admins can deal with the perpetrator by:

a) Temporarily demoting them until the issue is resolved by greater authority.
b) Requesting the perpetrator to refrain from using their abilities for a set period.
c) Ruling over a promotion/demotion given to a user.

8.) Admins are not to promise prizes at tournaments without first checking in with myself Innovativemind:

9.) Repeat offenders may be treated as such:

a) Can be jailed for a longer duration (as requested by the owner, or advised).
b) Can be banned in serious cases (Most likely in cases such as Mass-RKing and abuse of name system).
c) Can be kicked.
d) Demoted in the main group to Criminal.
e) Removed from the main group.

10.) Any formal complaints on admins should:

a) Contain proof (i.e a video or image).
b) Must be for a valid reason.
c) Must be sent DIRECTLY to the owner with all this attached.

a) If complaints are false, the individual can be punished accordingly.
b) Fraudulent complaints will be dealt with more harshly.
c) Individuals must not harass admins in game or out, over administrative decisions. If this is the case, further action may be taken on the individual.


Owner of The Seven Kingdoms {TSK}
Head of the Administrative Team

Overseer of The Seven Kingdoms {TSK}

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