{TSK} Rules and Regulations



For the best Experience at TSK read and follow all of these laws.

  1. Rking is against the law and will be treated as such. Being hired to RK will still result in jail time, and possibly further punishment, that’s why they hire you. The outside of the castle gate is now declared an RKable area immune to jail etc, DO NOT RK WILDLINGS WITHOUT WEAPONS. (RKing can still have enormous impact on House relations don’t forget)

  2. Not wearing genre related clothing unless entirely new to the game will result in jail time or worse, you’ve been warned.

  3. Abuse of the name system will almost always result in a ban without warning.

  4. Any lag switching or exploiting will result in a ban without warning.

  5. Weaponize lag within wars will now be heavily moderated and those who lag far more obnoxiously then everyone else will have to deal with consequences of it. (sorry all you lads and lasses with bad internet and computers. )

  6. All duels are to be kept out of the spawn, avoid crowding the spawn, it is a safe zone for all. Those caught doing this will be given a verbal warning, and then a punishment.

  7. Fist fighting is being added that being said, it will not be bannable, but fist fighting in certain cases will still result in jail time. Example being, you can’t knock the king clean out and expect not to be punished.

  8. The Kings laws are laws that will be enforced by RP mods such as the King, Hand of the King, the Kings Guard, so on so fourth.

  9. Lord Paramount houses are not allowed to be in any other Game of Thrones related genres. This rule also applies to all of those that have mod, or handcuffs within the game.

  10. During rebellions it will be the crown and allies job to protect the keep with what they have, jail tools should be avoided during this war time. If things get overly out of hand admins will intervein.

  11. To become an official house you must have 40 members, not all riddled with alts, the group will be checked before approval is given. If you fall below the set count you have less than a week to get your count back up. (Certain circumstances may vary.)

  12. Valyrian Sword transaction WILL NOT HAPPEN WITHOUT MY OVERSIGHT PERSONALLY. DO NOT ever partake in a transaction for a sword without me present.

  13. All members of TSK set Knight or Above have a right to an RP trial, if your crimes are large enough this option can be taken from you.


Remember, role-playing is encouraged, have meetings, have arguments, have raids even practice raids, but keep it mature and within the ROBLOX terms of Service. Blatant harassment is not encouraged and can also result in a Ban.

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