TS:Reserve Server isn't working

  1. I want to make it so that when a player hits a button, they get teleported into a reserve server(a match making service, if you will).

  2. No matter what GameID I use, it says “Error: Attempted to teleport to a restricted place”. It also says in the developer console: “Teleport failed due to invalid server code.”

  3. I’ve tried switching the GameIDs, and copying the direct code from the DevsHub page, with no success.

Notes: I have permissions to get to the game, but it still fails to work. I am trying this in a private place, so would this be the issue?

-- Server sided code
	local TS = game:GetService("TeleportService")

	local code = TS:ReserveServer(game.PlaceId) -- Returns a code
	local players = game.Teams.Queue1v1:GetPlayers()

	TS:TeleportToPrivateServer(game.PlaceId, code, players)

I tried the DevHub code on a public game and it worked out of the box for me. It might actually be the place being private? A game should always be able to reserve a server for itself and teleport players within that, last I checked.

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--/ Services \--
local TeleportService = game:GetService("TeleportService")

--/ Variables \--
local Code = TeleportService:ReserveServer(game.PlaceId)
local Players = game.Teams.Queue1v1:GetPlayers()

--/ Main Code \--
TeleportService:TeleportAsync(game.PlaceId, Players, Code)

Your problem was initially you were getting a reserved server, then teleporting to a private server, resulting in confusion. This should work, let me know if otherwise.

TeleportToPrivateServer, although deprecated, is a function that teleports to reserve servers. You’re using TeleportAsync incorrectly in this suggestion - the third argument is meant to be a TeleportOptions object, which contains the ReservedServerAccessCode. So, @Ggblocks20 would use:

-- ... stuff from before ...
local teleportOptions = TeleportOptions.new()
teleportOptions.ReservedServerAccessCode = Code
TeleportService:TeleportAsync(game.PlaceId, players, teleportOptions)

Try this which uses the new TeleportAsync:

local TeleportService: TeleportService = game:GetService("TeleportService")
local PlaceID: number = game.PlaceId
local Players = game:GetService("Teams").Queue1v1:GetPlayers()

local TeleportOptions: TeleportOptions = Instance.new("TeleportOptions")
TeleportOptions.ShouldReserveServer = true

TeleportService:TeleportAsync(PlaceID, Players, TeleportOptions)

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t seem to work, gives me a “cannot cast value to object error”, on the TeleportAsync line.

So Teleport options is the supported version of Teleport to private server? I never knew it was deprecated…

It managed to work, thanks to everyone who helped!

Yes it is the newer version, but it is not yet deprecated. Almost a year ago, Roblox said they would deprecate it at some point, but as of right now, it is just a legacy method that Roblox doesn’t recommend.

No problem!

Yeah, TeleportToPrivateServer and TeleportAsync have different parameters.