Tsunami Game Credits

Game Link: Tsunami Game - Roblox

Game Programming :memo: - TheAmazeman
*Tsunami (waves 1,2,3,4,5,6 receding and active tsunami physics)
*Button Press
*Reservoir filling and suction system
*Risk system
*Coin spawning system
*Gear programming (life ring, paddleboard, canoe, diving suit, potions, tridents, anchor, barrel, trampoline, blow dryer, shield, binoculars, tree house, bank building, happy home, sponge, banana, tsunami level 6 remote, life revival, level 100 tsunami)
*Shop system
*Gear saving / loading system
*GUI scripting
*Dev products
-Tsunami level 6
-Life revival system
*Button presser hallway
*Winner’s shop
*Bob Robert’s banana market (supply and demand influenced)
*Ayy Lamo’s shop
*Lore behind Bob Robert and Ayy Lamo
-2X risk
-Unlimited trident gear
-Unlimited blow dryer gear
-Researcher VIP

  • Researcher guns
  • Statistics
  • Camera viewing system
  • Player status board
    *Quest system dialogue text and lore
    *Placement of outside desert landscape meshes, and landscape layout, outside obby

3D modeling, building and texturing :hammer_and_wrench: - InYo22
*Tsunamis (wave 1,2,3,4,5,6, level 100)
*Tsunami level 100 platform rising (Roblox physics constraints)
*Tsunami particle effects
*Map (rock placements, measurements, caves, waterfall grate, reservoir)
*Research facility
*Reservoir particle effects
-Velocity pad walkway system, staircases and hallways
-Research room, pipe models, leaderboards, stat boards, shelves
*Outside desert road and cars
*Took badge pictures
*Winner’s shop
*Future update cave room in lobby

Programmer :memo: - Progatician
*Toolbar & backpack system (drag and drop, automatic tool slot usage, equipping punch tool as first tool when in the PVP circle)
*Bob Robert and Ayy Lamo Quest / Dialogue system
*Chess minigame in winner’s lounge, 2 players required
*Chess Gear Items (Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, King)
*UFO movement controls, UFO tier 2 gold mining
*Custom seats
*Quest dialogue tree system backend

GFX :art: - ThreeLivesTaken
*Gear tool icons
*GUI icons
*Badge outline
*Gamepass and dev product icons
*Lore pictures

Music :musical_note: - Phalack
*Main game music theme
*Desert Theme (outside the facility)
*Impending Doom Theme (button presser hallways)
*Bob Robert Theme (banana market cave & minecart track)
*Into The Void Interlude (Falling down the 2nd middle caves)
*Alien Theme (near Ayy Lamo)

Misc. Meshs:
*Outside desert landscape / rock meshs
*Greek Temple outside

Other music credits:
*Ode to Joy (Trident God Powers)

Sound Sfx: Freesound.org or home recorded
UFO sounds: Freesound.org
Level 100 tsunami alarm: Freesound.org
Negative buzz bass sound: 32bitPC

Trailer :video_camera: - MrGillett
*Thud and button press sound effects

GUI design: TheAmazeman and 13_37

Player stats saved via datastore module used in other VVG games

Open source Ragdoll System - ContextLost

Punching Hit detection via module by Swordphin123

Camera shake functionality via module by sleitnick

Thumbnail by itsj64

Translations managed by EntrepreneurMuffin

  1. Bengali | 0Techy
  2. Czech | Fliper05YT
  3. Danish | Yaenanr
  4. Dutch | 2rmen
  5. Filipino | Aethereuss
  6. Finnish | FourLetterBuilds
  7. French | Darkvsx, SxnfulParadox
  8. German | Pauperoni, TeeInTea
  9. Greek | EntrepreneurMuffin
  10. Hindi | blitzahon
  11. Indonesian | Goscav
  12. Italian | ShartresRais_zx
  13. Japanese | oz_ken
  14. Korean | ArkWiller
  15. Polish | kacper532
  16. Portuguese | RoyalConstructor
  17. Russian | VulpesV
  18. Slovak | xv3rted
  19. Spanish | Dronetto
  20. Swedish | Im_Linnea
  21. Thai | KinnyBloxy, Xitra_II
  22. Turkish |
  23. Vietnamese | EligeEberling
  24. Malay | ZariffAdeeb

Other VVG game credits: