TTD 3 | In-Game Rules & Regulations

Before you read:

  • Staff can and will actively enforce these rules in-game and uphold the right to do so, as it is their duty.

  • These rules are outlined to provide a safe and welcoming experience to all players in our game.

  • Failure to follow these rules while in-game can result in you being punished up to a permanent, game-wide ban.

  • Most punishments can be appealed through our social pages, which you can find in our group.

These rules may change at any time without notification to users.

TTD 3 In-Game Rules

  • Treat all players equally and with respect. We do not tolerate harassment of any kind, including and especially hate speech and targeted comments.

  • Do not disrupt the game by spamming chat or self-promoting. This applies to in-game whispers.

  • Do not abuse the game’s mechanics in any way. Bugs can be reported through our social pages.

  • Misusing any granted commands (through TTD+ or group ranks) is strictly disallowed and will result in your rank or permissions being removed, or your account being banned.

  • Using our game to favor offensive trends on social media is strictly disallowed and will result in your account being permanently banned with no chance to appeal.

  • In-game staff uphold the right to punish users even if they are not in violation of these specific rules. Please follow common etiquette when playing our game.

Players who violate these rules are able to be reported through our social links.

While playing TTD 3, you are required to follow Roblox’s Terms of Use.