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:briefcase: Emotes CO is hiring!
If you’re interested in working with us to build the most interactive social hangout experience on Roblox, take a look at our jobs board!

:eyes: Looking for a Discord server? You’ll find it over on TTD 3’s or Emotes CO’s social links! :speech_balloon:
Your Roblox account must be 13+ to see the links.

:star2: TTD 3 is Roblox’s top social experience, bringing players together through dance! :star2:

:man_dancing: We have over 1100 emotes from your favourite video games and social media trends to play around with the moment you join!

:heavy_plus_sign: If you own Roblox Premium or TTD+, you get access to exclusive emotes the moment you join!

:movie_camera: Are you an influencer who wants to or already uses TTD 3 on social media? If you’re over 13, you might be eligible to join our Influencers Program! All details are held within our communications server - you can find this through Emotes CO’s social links.

:speech_balloon: Want to find out more about us? We’re actively engaging with our community members via our community server, which you can find through Emotes CO’s social links!

:fast_forward: Learn more about TTD 3 through any of the following links:

Before playing, please observe the following disclaimers and recommendations from our Ownership Team:

Guideline Acknowledgements
When playing TTD 3, you automatically agree to follow and observe Roblox’s Terms of Use, Community Rules and their General Health Notice.
Breaches of any guidelines may result in your access to TTD 3 being restricted.

Content Ownership Disclaimer
All content within our game, be it paid or earned through other means, is interchangeable or removable at any time by TTD 3 or Emotes CO. All purchases made within our game are final and exclusive to the account in which the purchase was made within. Purchases are non-refundable or exchangeable, except from when permitted or required by the Roblox Terms of Use or any applicable law. You may not exchange or re-sell any in-game items unless explicitly moderated by the Emotes CO. Development Team or unless done through official means.

The assets used in our game, unless already public or attributed separately, are proprietary and therefore private to TTD 3, the group ‘Emotes CO.’ and its benefactors. Our in-game assets may not be reused outside of TTD 3 and/or Emotes CO. without explicit permission from the Emotes CO. Owner(s) or shareholders. ROBLOX protects its services and libraries with the ‘Digital Millennium Copyright Act’, also known as DMCA, as well as other relevant copyrighting laws. If you are found to be stealing, copying, reverse engineering, transmitting, distributing or otherwise maliciously using our game and/or its assets held within, the appropriate action can and will be taken.

Content Resemblence Disclaimer
Any and all content in TTD 3 is purely fictional. It is not intended to represent, depict, parody or reference any actual event, person(s), entity or real-world item. Any similarities are purely coincidental. The creators, shareholders and publishers of this game do not condone or endorse any conduct depicted in this game in any way.