TTD 3 | Patch Notes


Latest Patch Notes:

  • New Limited Item: The Lighting Hammer!
    • This item can only be bought from the 7th to the 14th. After the 14th, it cannot be purchased anymore however has a chance to return in the future.
  • Added a Teddy Prop to the prop shop
  • Added a Lightsaber Prop to the prop shop
  • New Emotes:
    • Victory Lap, Sahara, Nightwalk, NYC Dance, Drop In, FNF Pico Mirrored, FNF Sus Emote Mirrored, Intensity and Free Flow.
  • Added a Mute Club Music Option ot the settings menu
  • Added a Resync Option to the settings menu
  • Some Emotes have an Intro now.
  • New Gamepass Gradients have been added, those are available in the nametag menu
  • Zone Adjustment
  • Improvements and bug fixes

Patch Notes Archives:

04th May Update
  • Improvements with most of our features we brought out yesterday
  • General improvements
02nd May Update
    • Props are now part of TTD 3, just head over to the shop and buy the currently 2 available props.
    • R6 Is back and better than ever, to enable it, go to the settings!
  • New Emotes: FNF Vs Matt (Target Practice), FNF Dadbattle, Fancy Feet and Onda Onda
  • Updated Effect Emotes: Freewheelin’ and Star Power
  • Updated several UI and SurfaceUI elements.
  • Updated Zones
  • Fixed and Reworked Level gradients
  • Fixed Nametag Gradients
  • Added Chat Badges for Staff
  • Fixed several data issues with gamepasses and the emote UI not working.
  • Map Improvements
  • Stability Improvements
  • Console Improvements
30th April Update
  • Reverted to the old Map with Improvements
  • Adjusted Prices for Item shop Emotes
  • Improvements and bug fixes
  • Top Donator Character Model Added
  • :moneybag: emojis will now appear around the names of top donators
  • Chat commands improved, /togglesync fixed
  • Club lighting fixed
  • Toggle AFK improved
  • Xbox Improvements
29th April Update
  • We added a whole new map to explore!
  • New Emotes:
    • Chronoshift, Balletic, Get Griddy, Oh shoot a rat!
  • New Emote Category: Effect Emotes
    • Effect Emotes have special effects on emotes which can be also altered in settings if effects aren’t preferred.
    • New Effect Emotes: Upset, Hang Loose, Meditation, Smuwug Dance
    • Updated Effect Emotes: Glitter
  • Added Tokens, a new currency around TTD 3 to buy emotes in the shop.
    • Tokens can be farmed by playing TTD 3 actively
    • Tokens can be bought with ROBUX.
  • Improved Data Saving/Loading
  • Improved UI/UX
    • Removed RTX Lights setting
    • Added Tweens to GUI’s
  • Added a Donation Board with Weekly and All Time Donations Leaderboard, mainly just there for supporters.
  • Fixes and Client Improvements
25th April Update
  • Added Emotes:
    • TF2 Demoman, TF2 Engineer, TF2 Heavy, TF2 Mannrobics, TF2 Scout, TF2 Sniper, Smuwug, Muffin Dance, Garry’s Dance
  • Added Zones, they actively change lighting whereever you are!
    • Available Zones: Desert and Snow
  • Improved Data Saving!
  • Added Cherry Blossom Emote UI Theme
  • Fixed Name Tags
  • Improvements and Bug Fixes
22nd April Update
  • Added Emotes:
    • Memories, Nic Shuffle, Work It Out
  • Added Fandangle and Spike It as group emotes
  • Improved the speed slider
  • Removed Badge Emotes for temporary being
  • Improvements and Bug fixes
  • Added /togglevibe
17th April Update
  • Added Hit It Emote
  • Hopefully Fixed Massive Loading Issue
  • Adjusted AJ Striker’s UIs to Make it Less Goofy for Mobile
  • Adjusted AJ Striker’s Hold to Talk 2.0s > 0.5s
  • Fixed Greenscreen
16th April Update
  • New Emotes:
    • Jung Justice and Reboot Shuffle
  • New Setting:
    • You can now Hide “Sync with” Text
  • New Glowstick Color:
    • Added Cyan Color
  • Changes to Name Tags
  • Loading Issue Fix
  • Small Bug Fixes:
    • After getting AJ Strikers badge it would display as ‘Emote Unlocked’ instead of ‘Unlocked’
  • Fixed Emote Props appearing for a split second at certain places
  • Adjusted the Light color
Metaverse Update
  • AJ Striker has arrived to TTD 3!
    • TTD 3 can be found on Metaverse Champions Hub
    • Complete his Task and earn a reward.
  • New Emotes:
    • Carlton, Show Stopper, Hitchhiker, FNF Sarvente Emote.
  • Display Names Support.
  • Minor bug fixes.
10th April Update
  • Added Glitter, Leave the Door Open and Backflip
  • Removed Easter Themed Island
  • Performance Improvements
  • Backend Improvements
  • Added Level Colors above 100K
  • Added 6+ Shop Emotes
9th April Update
  • Added Emotes: Things She Said, Taco Time, Leaping, FNF Vs Tord Mirrored / Non Mirrored, Foolhardy, Cat Dance
  • Added the Volcano island, a hot small island with fire particles around.
  • Added Badge Emotes!
    • Currently obtainable are Flamenco and Bunny Hop, Bunny Hop by just playing during the 5th to the 9th and Flamenco is available by obtaining the “You’ve met AndyDevDE!” badge.
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
  • …Special stuff awaiting you all soon.
5th April Update
  • added /togglesync, disable’s sync for you.
  • added Mio Honda Step, FNF Mom, FNF Zavodila and Joshiraku Dance
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
  • Small easter event with map changes and a badge that can be only collected during this week.
April Fools Update
  • Improved SYNC
  • Added FNF Ugh, FNF CG5 Knock Knock, FNF CG5 Gimme a Break and FNF sus emote
  • sussy mode
  • Backend Improvements
28th March Update
  • Removed 7+ Emotes from former staff and affliates.
  • Added 7+ New Emotes:
    • FNF Pico, Dancin’ Shuffle, FNF Dad Idle, FNF Dad Idle Mirrored, Motive, Stair Shuffle, Freewheelin’
  • Semi Improved syncing, it should work better than it used to, if not, please report that in our communications server.
  • Added new “Admin Events”
  • Added “Vibe Mode” Setting
    • The Vibe Mode setting will turn the environment into a “Vibe” like area, changes are in work if needed.
  • Added “Trending Dances”
    • Trending Dances are set by us to make it easier for players to search new trending dances across social media.
  • Color Changes in the UI
  • Colorblind Improvements (ToolTip in Glowsticks, etc)
  • Backend Improvements
  • More Level Colors above 100K+
  • Influencer+ Rank to give Influencers more abilities to record even better video’s on TTD 3.
  • Client Stability Improvements
  • Quality of Life Improvements