TUMOURS's Portfolio [Building, Digital Art]

₪ Introduction

Hello, My name is TUMOURS. I joined Roblox in 2011, and I’ve always dabbled into building and digital art on paintnet. Recently I’ve been working on many projects to hone my developing skills. I consider myself some what advanced at building atmospheric environments using mostly parts and in a consistent detail. I’m very new to low-poly, but I’ll show some of the assets I’ve created so far. I make clothing as well as thumbnails/icons for games/groups.

₪ Showcase

₪ Building

Shabby Alley

Game link: Shabby Alley [SHOWCASE] - Roblox


Rice Farmers Arena

NOTE: This is a collaboration with me and my partner @Kolbias. Specifically, I built 90% of the terrain under the islands and a few secret cave systems hidden beneath the map. This was a large map so it took some time to keep the terrain a consistent quality. I did not build any of the buildings or architecture.

Game link: ₪Rice Farmer Arena₪ - Roblox

Screenshots of what I built, this map is pretty big but these are the highlights.

Low-poly Assets

I’m new to blender (I started on Jan 28th) but here are some of the low-poly assets I’ve created.

Game link: LowpolyAssets - Roblox


₪ Digital Art

Recent Outfits

I’m simple when it comes to clothing, I like making stuff I’d wear.

Recently I’ve been making a lot of clothes that match UGC items, basically what I do is use the hats color pallet and/or texture sometimes, then make an article of clothing I think would match the hat best.

A few of my recent creations (there is WAY more but I’m only listing my favorites)

Yea… you can probably see the pattern

Thumbnails & Icons

(Will add onto this later)

₪ Commissions

My commissions are closed

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