Tunnells | Terrain Artist | 3D mesh Artist | Lighting Expert | Intermediate Programmer

Hi im Tunnells a Terrain Artist, 3D Modeller lighting expert and scripter :slight_smile: i have been doing terrain for 3 years, blender for half a year and a scripter for a year, i like making forests and cartoony assets :joy:

My Terrain Work

Assets In this build are made from @RealCoreThix thanks for working with them!

My 3D Models

Random Work

Scripting work


Prices are negotiable, Currently I Only do PayPal/ Real Money. I will soon Open Robux.
Prices start at 15 dollars and the highest is 800 Dollars. Prices depend on the time it too for me to make it.

You can contact me on 3 Platforms. Twitter,Discord, And roblox

Twitter - @Tunnells2
Discord -Tunnells#8888
Roblox - Tunnells

Thanks for looking at my portfolio!


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Very nice work, i like! Continue

Hey there Tunnells! Do you have an updated discord tag. Couldn’t seem to add you.

O so sorry Tunnells#6146 my new tag

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I have sent a friend request! Look out for Kibumtwo#6477

Added new builds :heart: :heart: