TurboZone Handbook

:racing_car::dash: About Us

:star2: About TurboZone | Go-Karting :star2:
A thrilling Go-Kart game set to launch in the heart of summer.
Fast-paced races, challenging tracks, and endless fun.
Be a part of shaping an immersive and engaging game experience.

Public :arrow_down_small:

Game Rules

:one: No Ramming
Do not ram your go-kart into someone else’s as an attempt to knock them off course, this will result in a warning. :arrow_down_small:

:two: Cutting the line
Cutting the support line as an attempt to race earlier than others is not allowed, this will result in a warning. :arrow_down_small:

:three: Blocking the Entrance/Exit
Blocking the entrance or exit of the go-karting track is highly prohibited. This will result in a respawn or kick depending on the amount of times the player has done it. :arrow_down_small:

:four: No Bypassing
Using bypasses to say words, shirts, or accessories that are usually moderated is prohibited, you will be banned instantly. :arrow_down_small:

:five: Warnings
After 3 warnings you will be prohibited to race, and placed in the bad behavior room for trolling, ramming, blocking, cuttings, or clipping.

Rank Description

:bust_in_silhouette: Guests

:arrow_forward: Noted VIP | Friends, partners, or giveaway winners are handed this role by the Chairman himself.

:arrow_forward: Allied Representative | Representative of partnership/alliance.

:arrow_forward: Contributor | Investor’s of TurboZone

:racing_car: Racers

:arrow_forward: Newbie Racer | Fresh to TurboZone lots to learn & explore!

:arrow_forward: Intimate Racer | Learning to ropes of go-karting!

:arrow_forward: Advanced Racer | You can call yourself a pro now :sunglasses: !

:arrow_forward: Exotic Racer | Unlocked almost every ability on your go-kart!

:arrow_forward: SuperSonic Racer | The best of the best, SuperSonic.

:arrow_forward: Fastest Ultra Racer | Your a pro at Go-karting, can I get an autograph?

:checkered_flag: Entry Team | LR

:arrow_forward: Trainee | Player who passed Application

:arrow_forward: Junior Marshal | Player who passed 1 trainings

:arrow_forward: Marshal | Player who passed 2 Trainings

:arrow_forward: Senior Marshal | Player who passed 3 Trainings

:mag: Supervision Team | MR

:arrow_forward: Shift Lead | Selected from a batch of qualifiers.

:arrow_forward: Supervisor | Promoted by dedicated work as a Trainee Supervisor

:arrow_forward: Manager | Promoted by dedicated work as a Supervisor

:arrow_forward: Inspector | Promoted by dedicated work as a Manager

:briefcase: Management Team | HR

:arrow_forward: Junior Director | Players who are promoted through promotion batches. They have high commands, High Authority, and answer HR Requests.

:arrow_forward: Senior Director | Promoted by dedicated work as a Junior Director.

:arrow_forward: ** Head Director | The Highest ranking member of the Management Team

:computer: Corporate Team | SHR

:arrow_forward: Corporate Intern | Staff who have been personally selected from Management to learn how to work in a department as an Intern.

:arrow_forward: Junior Corporate | They are placed in either 4 departments and carry out department tasks.

:arrow_forward: Senior Corporate | Ability to manual promote or demote at will.

:arrow_forward: Head Corporate | Co-leader of a Department

:speaking_head: Leadership Team | LT

:arrow_forward: Chief Human Resources Officer | Leads Human Resources

:arrow_forward: Chief Public Relations Officer | Leads Public Relations

:arrow_forward: Chief Operating Officer | Leads of the Operations Department

:arrow_forward: ** Group Manager** | Oversees all departments, close relationship with Vice Chairman and Chairman.

:arrow_forward: Vice Chairman | Co-leader of TurboZone

:arrow_forward: Chairman | leader of TurboZone

Staff :arrow_down_small:

Training Schedules

:spiral_calendar: Training Schedule

  • 12:00 PM EST, 9:00 AM PST, 5:00 PM GMT
  • 3:00 PM EST, 12:00 PM PST, 8:00 PM GMT
  • 6:00 PM EST, 3:00 PM PST, 11:00 PM GMT
  • 9:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM PST, 2:00 AM GMT
  • 11:00 PM EST, 8:00 PM PST, 4:00 AM GMT

:pushpin: NOTICE

Trainee - Senior Marshal | Can join the training at any time during that time period. To ensure you don’t miss it, consider joining 10 minutes early.

Shift Leader+ | Must join 20 minutes early for the chance of receiving a role of trainer or assistant.

Sessions Should only last 15-20 Minutes, 30 minutes for Marshal+.


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