Turn Based System Project

Just have updated my Turn Based System project and add some things.
1| I have updated battle UI (https://gyazo.com/ac53f3c4a640398719d2ce78fc34dde3)
2| I have added new spell (https://gyazo.com/60f8929a5cc8b3b0207d04e75aa370c0)
3| I have added inventory UI (https://gyazo.com/b3690389fb81a52d9743ef25eb1ae63f)
Looking for feed backs :slight_smile:

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Heyo keep up the good work looks good so far! I was working on a turn based rpg not long ago and I have some feedback/ideas

  • you could add some ui to display the enemies health and mana or any other stat if you have that

  • instead of clicking on the enemies maybe make some ui for that and what you could do is when you hover over one of the enemies in the ui you can place a red arrow/cone thing over their head so the player knows which enemy they have selected if that makes sense? Although you can continue doing it the way you have that’s good too, but seems like you might be able to miss click with it

  • instead of just having everyone teleport to the battle spot you could have everyone walk towards a dedicated spot similar to how wizard 101 works when you walk into battle.

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Thanks you so much for your such good reply ! I’m appreciate it ! I have planned a lot of things you have said in your reply and currently working on Enemies/Players UI’s ! I’m not good in replying but yea, I’ll add this things that you have said ! Thanks you very much !