Turn Based System Project

Hello ! it’s me again ! after a long time, i’m finally doing new post about my Turn Based Game |
there is some content i have added:
Simple Main Players Stats UI

Simple Players In Battle UI
Some Enemies UI too and new spell
Using “Pass” Move, you can restore your MP
Thanks you for reading this post, i’m will post my progress as much as possible ! ;D

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Looks fun and awesome :smiley:

From the videos/gifs you posted to gyazo I liked the UI the most!

Would definitely play it!

Heres an advice:
Make your UI more interesting and unique! Just like Pet Simulator X’s UI(If you have played it)
so it would be more entertaining to us fellow players.
Another thing I found is some grammar mistakes.
In video 1 I found this text on your screen,“Do you really wanted to join this battle”.
“Do you really want to join this battle?” is the correct sentence.
By improving your UI and grammar people will start playing your game!

Hope this helps! Keep up the goodwork! :grin:


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Thanks you so much for feedback! i’m appreciate it !
I’m very like idea about pet simulator ui ! i’ll rework uis soon ! ;D
Sorry for my grammar, i’l fix it, thanks you !
Thanks you again for feedback ! it’s means a lot for me ! <3

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