Turned based proximity prompt hiding

Making a Russian roulette type thing with a central button that has a proximity prompt, Im trying to allow anyone to go but once they start holding the button everyone else cannot see it.

PromptButtonHoldBegan and PromptButtonHoldEnded will let you know when a player has began, or stopped, interacting with a proximityprompt.

When PromptButtonHoldBegan fires, you can loop through all the players that are not the ones who triggered it and fire an event that will deactivate the proximityprompt on their client.

When PromptButtonHoldEnded fires, you can fire an event to all clients that will activate the proximityprompt on their client.

yeah but the proximity prompt isn’t client side?

Ah, I made a mistake. I meant change the Enabled state of the ProximityPrompt.