Turned Parts Not Aligning

In studio when you build a wall or something which has multiple parts, and then you attempt to rotate the same pieces and put it adjacent as a connecting wall there is always an issue with it not lining up. I’m unsure as to why this is but it might just be me doing something stupid (which is pretty normal)


Rotation: 15.000°
Move 0.05 studs


Well I think that’s because of size. Like for example if your part is (1.1,1,1) and this lines up with wall perfectly. When you rotate it part of it(0.05studs) will go into wall. I hope this is what you are asking.

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This could be the issue, but because I’m building at a constant increment of 0.05 it shouldn’t effect it as I would be able to line it up with the end of the part.

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Yea but if size has messed up number like (3.002,5,5) and you rotate it. 0.001 will go in wall. With movement of 0.05 you won’t be able to line up such number. I recommend you fixing that from properties

Roblox build tools currently have an unreproducible bug where moving parts will sometimes shift them slightly off of the grid, making it difficult to match it to existing parts. The best you can do is use the actual Position property to shift it back into the right spot yourself.


It’s more likely due to the very common floating-point problem. When rotating, moving, resizing etc parts will always have a slight rounding issue, meaning the more a part is transformed, the more it is moved. Similar problems have been occurring for a while, and there are many other threads on it


Any solution for floating points on part positions?

Unfortunately, the only way around this is to manually input the properties yourself.


That’s what I was afraid of, especially with how buggy that is with where the part moves too.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ that sucks

Guess I’ll need to deal with it; thanks for the help!


If you want to prevent this bug you can use building plugins like qCmdUtl by Quenty. They don’t have this annoying bug and should help you avoid awkward brick shift.


Been having this issue. It’s been driving me insane since I’ve been needing to go off grid.
I hope they fix this soon.

It doesnt look like they are going to fix this anytime soon, for now I advice you do use qCmdUtl by Quenty or a diffrent building plugin.

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Yeah I’ll probably start using that.

I’ve your solution!
Get rezise allign and you can allign the parts and the result will stun you.
Here is the plugin: https://www.roblox.com/library/165534573/Stravant-ResizeAlign-Fixed

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if you rotate more than one part, it’ll rotate around the center of all the parts.
that small little blue box with an outline of virtually nothing is the box that you’re rotating, so the center of that box is the axis in which is being rotated.

You can also use Studio Build Suite. I have both qCmdUtl and SBS installed, but for some reason I prefer Quenty’s, even though they’re both the same.

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Already have the plugin and that’s not what it does; ResizeAlign moves parts to connect them together not rotate a part to the correct adjacent angle that the issue here is all about.

I love qCmdUtl but it’s just extra steps, something like this should be built into the Studio tools rather than relying on a plugin to fix Roblox’s mistakes.