Turning a model into a tool


I would like to turn a model of a doll into a tool. I have it set up but the cloths don’t stay attached and the accessory becomes too big. How do I fix this.

you can just use a doll mesh from the creator marketplace its really simple

To fix this, you’ll need to adjust the scaling of the accessory and the clothing. To do this, select the accessory and then press “Ctrl+T” on your keyboard. From here, you can adjust the size of the accessory and the clothing. You can also adjust the position of the accessory and clothing to make sure they stay in place. Once you have adjusted the scaling and position of the accessory and clothing, you can save the changes and test them out.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the help but the cloths still don’t work. Everything is fine with the hair

Try converting everything that’s in the handle into 1 mesh

Hey. Thanks for the help. How would I do that?