Turning a velocity smoothly

Hello developers,

I wonder how you can move a part smoothly to the right,left,up,down,etc…

this picture might explain it better.

So the part basicly turns its lookvector, and velocity smoothly.

so it would look like this:


I need this bc i want to change the course of a projectile.

I suggest you experiment with easing styles

could you tell it to me more clearly? i don’t understand what you mean.

Easing styles are made for animations, GUI animations to smoothen or make movement more instantenious

I also suggest you tween the parts as you can combine easing styles with tweens.

well, i don’t want to tween, its very laggy, because than i need to tween a lot of things at the same time, and easingstyles all go from point a to b, and thats a straight line, what i don’t want.

Then try to raycast in a circular position to get a smooth turn, I didn’t ever do that so I can’t say for sure though.

yeah, i don’t know how to do that neighter so… and i don’t even know if raycasting works with velocity…

Does anybody else know how ican create this effect? (I send message to keep active)

I’m assuming it’s physics based since it has velocity, there is no mention of how the projectile is currently working.

If so then Body velocity or linear velocity should be good enough, the smoothness will depend on the amount of force and it’s responsiveness.

Oh yeah, it has a velocity indeed. Could you give me are better explenation?

Just create a projectile with it give it a vector let’s say (0,1,0) then to turn it just give it another vector (1,0,0), and it should turn smoothly.

However it will not rotate as it only does translational movement, that’s for align orientation and other.

Or you could set the linear velocity to a parts CFrame.LookVector then rotate it and it should move smoothly. This has to be done in a loop to update the look vector.

Thanks, i will try it when i have the time.

But do you just instantly change the velocity?