Turret wont rotate to mouse

im using hinges to rotate a turret towards a mouse. i gotten so close to doing it but it is off when turning around



local goal = CFrame.lookAt(
local y, x ,z = goal:ToOrientation()
print(x, y, z)
rotateHinge.TargetAngle = x * 360

i also tried:

rotateHinge.TargetAngle = math.deg((mouse.Origin.Position - mouse.Hit.Position).Unit.X)

this is done on a local script

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Try changing this line:

rotateHinge.TargetAngle = x * 360

to this:

rotateHinge.TargetAngle = math.deg(x)

CFrame:ToOrientation() returns the orientation in radians, so you have to use math.deg() to convert it back to degrees.

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