TurretController - CFrame based Joint Instance mover

I believe the issue is due to the CFrame.lookAt which is being used internally:


For your case try removing the third parameter within the module script since for your usage case you don’t need to worry if the base of your CFrame will tilt (Most likely the humanoid will stay upright unlike other turret types).

Edit: Another method is to move the turret attachment a bit further back instead of putting it right at the gun barrel, put it behind the gun body.

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One question, since I cannot parent the turret attachment to the tool handle, I am looping it’s world position to another attachment in the tool barrel. Could this be causing the issue? None of the solutions that you proposed are working for me.

Edit: Moving the attachment behind the gun fixes only the part where it rotates like crazy, but it still doesn’t point the gun where it should.

Yeah this could possibly cause the issue depending on the sequence the WorldPosition gets updated, never tested it with this tool scenario hard to reproduce.

Might want to just modify the turret info property manually:

TurretController.TurretInfo = your attachment

Also in the video you are pointing right below, the waist where there’s a deadzone which could break the CFrame.lookat as mentioned before, that might also further contribute as well.

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Did his module break because I tried the RBXLX file from github and nothing moves at all. Am I doing it wrong?

yes, yes and YES! How did I missed this until now? Bookmarked and you have 100% my support

Is it working for you? For me it updates when the game starts then stops.

I didnt test it at the moment, but I already have many ideas about how I could use this module!

Yesterday it worked fine today, no luck at all, no changes and it’s the exact rbxm file from GitHub I will try restarting as this module is amazing

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Do you know what coulr¡d be causing the gun to aim a bit off?

GunLookAt.rbxl (50.3 KB)

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Animations definitely, set the . Transform property to CFrame.new to cancel the effects of the animations.


When I’m trying to control the direction of my mechs head it works fine apart from it making the lower torso look in that direction. Is it possible to make it only effect the motor6D iv choose?

With turret controller only the part that is further away from the root part will move which usually is the Part1 if rigged in that manner according to Motor6D Transform rules (check out how the R15 and R6 rig is structured Part0 is the Humanoid root part, Part1 is the torso then continues in another Motor6D joint Part0 is the torso and Part1 is the arm for R6). Consequently, this shouldn’t happen by using turret controller by itself check for other possible causes like body movers and such.

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Could you explain in more detail I am rather confused sorry, also heres a video to give a better representation of my issue, Thanks for the help :smiley:

The lower torso bit rotates disallowing for the Cabin to face anywhere but while moving it works.

I also use the head motor6D for the controller and use Humanoid:Move to move the mech.



robloxapp-20210814-0055549.wmv (1.9 MB)

I believe if I deactivate the Motor maybe it’ll work? But then i’d have to use a weld which doesnt. I might put an animation on so it doesnt use the Motor. I’v done the same thing with a normal character and it works so im not sure why its not working.

Also I realise this sounds like a very basic question but how do I make the TurretController faster lol. Sorry for the simple question.

Hey, there is a bug when trying to limit the rotation. I was making my own turret rotation system when I noticed the turret would rotate through a prohibited angle when the limit is higher than 90, so I came here to see how you handeled that but I’ve noticed it happens here too.

In the vid you can see how the turret rotates around a prohibited area.

I am using :LookAt() in this case. :PIDLookAt() has weirder bugs.

The issue is the lerping method as CFrame lerp takes the shortest path hence crosses the prohibited zone. This is fixed in my private version of the module.

I found out that converting the CFrame to orientation then lerping the three numbers individually worked as the numbers respect the range.

local function lerp(start, goal, alpha)
	--we can use our super simple equation at the start, using the 3 values
	return start + (goal - start) * alpha
		local x1, y1, z1 = (currentRotation):ToOrientation()
		local x2, y2, z2 = (goalRotationCFrame):ToOrientation()
		local x3 = lerp(x1, x2, l1 or self.LerpAlpha)
		local y3 = lerp(y1, y2, l2 or self.LerpAlpha)
		local z3 = lerp(z1, z2, l3 or self.LerpAlpha)

This respects rotation as it takes the longest path from -180 to 180 instead of skipping it as the numbers.

However I also encountered an issue if the C0 or C1 is rotated as C0 needs to have no rotation at CFrame.new() hence I did not update the module with it yet. I believe this will be fixed with my better C0 formula but I will see what happens later.

I have also developed a newer method using Springs which is like the CFrame :LookAt() but bounces a bit for visual effect. I will include it in the newer version once I fix the orientation bug.

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Hi, awesome module! very useful

However, i ran into some problems

First, for some reason, the torso seems to go a little bit “off” of the centre of the mouse position, you can see that in the gun’s laser. I dont know if its because of the player animations or is other thing.

Second is not a problem at all but is there a way to fix the torso’s horizontal movement when the player walks? That causes my gun to move to the sides and this module fixes vertical one (gun moves down) so im wondering if its possible with horizontal one

I used the resource you provided here

Im not very familiarized with this motor6d math, so a little explanation would really appreciated!

I hope you can help me, thank you!

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What do you mean by this? Got a video to share?

For the gun alignment it seems like @gpm231 was able to do it in the rbxl file there maybe try looking at it. The only issue was animations interfering.

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Sure, here it is

Notice how gun (torso actually) moves side to side

I tried the rbxl file, and seems like it has the same problem. Any way to fix it?

For a bit more context abount what i want to achieve, take a look at Jailbreak’s follow mouse

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