Tusk ACT 4 Model

Hello, I need some opinions on the model I have made.
The model is from the known shounen series “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
I appreciate every opinion :grin:.


It is awesome, very good, but if you wanted exat what the picture was, it is kinda different, but awesome in roblox!

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It’s absolutely amazing! Though, I think the head doesn’t really look like one. It’s hard to notice unlike in Araki’s drawing of Tusk. At first glance, I thought it was headless and I already know what Tusk looks like! My point is, try to make the head look more detailed and pop out more. If you don’t want to add facial features, try to at least make the mouth and the lines. I think the head is also a bit too low. That’s it! Great work!

JoJo is a seinen not a shounen, also why doesn’t it have a face? and the ‘skirt’ is much denser in the photo than in your model. Other than that, the model looks great and you should keep up the good work. Might I ask what it’s for?

Havent seen jojo, but this looks pretty good. Add the face + try your hand with the fingers