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    I want to make a sword

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my code: when clicked. For 0.5 sec set debounce to true
if it touched anything and debounce set to true → take damage
**The issue : **touch function only runs 1 time, sword touch-> check is debounce = true ? the player haven’t clicked yet so not true → the player clicked after they checked → the script has problem cuz touch function only execute once

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I’m surprised no one has the same problem ;-; (or maybe I just haven’t find it)

I am following this tutorial: How to make a Sword in Roblox Studio - YouTube

local tool = script.Parent.Parent
local sword = tool:FindFirstChild("SwordMesh")
local hitbox = tool.hitbox

local playerHit = {}

local humanoid = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")

--sword stats--
local COOLDOWN = 1
local DAMAGE = 50

--local slashAnim = humanoid:LoadAnimation(slash)

debounce = false

	if debounce == false then
		debounce = true
		debounce = false

	if part.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") and part.Parent ~= tool.Parent then
		if debounce == true and playerHit[part.Parent] == nil then
			print("part.parent = ", part.Parent)
			playerHit[part.Parent] = true

I would assume you should instead use getpartsinpart after the debounce is set to true and then check if the parts in part is a player

WorldRoot | Roblox Creator Documentation

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oh okay let me search that .never heard of it thx

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