Tutorial Content Feedback

The Developer Relations team is planning out which topics we will develop tutorials, articles, and videos on in the near future. We’d like your input to see which topics are the most needed so we can focus our attention on those.



Can the results of said poll be posted? Really curious to know how they stack up.

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no longer part of the wiki team, so I wouldn’t know.

I didn’t reply to you I don’t think sorry there

To be quite honest I would love to see all of the items in the survey make it.

But there’s only 5 allowed choices :frowning:


The life struggles right?

I am pretty sure they will eventually get to the others, however the top ones will be their primary focus until then.


idea: we should all foil a plan so that all of the topics are equal and they end up doing it all

[insert evil maniacal laughter here]

Once again, I highly doubt that they won’t already get to the other stuff.

Don’t worry, we want to do everything on the list. One of the major points of this survey is to understand what is most important to all of you which can help us prioritize tasks.


So you can get what is voted to be done quicker?

There are lots of factors that determine what we work on, but yes, in general if lot of people want/need articles on a topic then that is what we will try to do first.


Whats the current plan for the pacing of the API member pages? There are still a few recently introduced members that have no class pages. If you guys plan to document them later, could you guys at least paste


into them?


I already submitted the survey, so I don’t want to submit another vote, but I do have some more suggestions for tutorials @UristMcSparks:

Performance Issues

Performance is one of the most critical needs of a game. We’ve had a number of game nominations in #nominations:featured-game-sort with noticeable performance issues – performance is often neglected. It’d be nice if we had some in-depth tutorials so that game developers are able to learn how to improve the performance of their games.

Developer Console Tabs

If I press F9 and select either ClientMemory or ServerMemory, I get a breakdown of what’s using up memory. It isn’t always clear what labels mean though. For instance, what does it mean if my Signals is 25% of my memory usage? What am I doing in my game that’s causing this? If it uses up too much memory, how do I resolve the problem?

This really goes for all tabs. It’d be nice to have an explanation of all the items in here, how to identify the cause of issues, and how to resolve these issues. We don’t need YouTube tutorials – just documentation on the entries + recommendations for cause identification/resolution.


Spotco made a few YouTube tutorials, but those are more targeted to developers who are wanting to learn how to use the microprofiler. They don’t offer much help once we know how to use it and identify a problem. It would be nice to have documentation on common entries that pop up in the microprofiler + recommendations for cause identification/resolution.

Bottlenecked networks

We don’t have any tools for identifying issues with our netcode (not HttpService, but client -> server and server -> client traffic). For instance, if through network stats (Ctrl+Shift+F3?) I notice my network receive is 1/3rd of what it should be across all players, what do I do? What are some common causes? Am I using too many RemoteEvents? If not, is maybe replication of physics bottlenecking the network? If it’s not one of those, how can I identify the cause? How do I resolve the issue when I’ve identified the cause?

Long join times

How do I identify the cause of long join times? What are some common causes? How can I resolve these so that my join times are as quick as possible?


This is excellent feedback. Thanks!


Here are the results of the survey and our proposed order of topics:

Survey Results



That got really confusing really quickly :thinking:

For the tutorial pic: The order is from top to bottom. The arrows show how some topics depend on other topics.

The survey results show raw numbers of how many people selected each topic on the survey, a graph showing the frequency of each answer, and also percentages for each answer.

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To clarify the chart, the arrows indicate dependencies. It would be best for some topics to reference others, so this helps us get an idea of what order to do things in. For example, so many things rely on a fundamental understanding of our GUI system, which is why that is being worked on first. Keep in mind we are going to stay flexible, if there are topics we missed, or if we need to rearrange them, we will modify our plans.