Tutorial how to create eyes that follow you, no scripts!

The community helped me and taught me many tricks which helped me in the development of my games.

Today I’m the one who comes to teach you something.

Based on 3D models of anime characters, which create the illusion that the eyes are following you.
I decided to try to translate the effect to a roblox head model.
And this was the result.

So how to do?

1 - Inverted Head Mesh, Neon, Color(139, 138, 140)
2 - Two cylinders, Neon, Color(139, 138, 140)
3 - Iris decal
4 - Face decal with no eyes
5 - Head Mesh, transparency (1), with face decal
extra - I’ve made all the textures with zero saturation so I can color it any way I want

You don’t need to worry about object placement, here is the base file.
feel free to modify, use in your games and share with others.

CoolAnimeEyes.rbxm (48.7 KB)


That is really cool and creepy at the same time - I can see this being used in a horror game on a painting of some sort.


So from what I gather, this is an optical illusion like the Mona Lisa?

Maybe I Think it would be used in a horror game :wink:

What am I seeing… this is creepy but very smart, nice job.


Ty, hope everybody enjoy this trick!

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Off-topic: Ok I’m gonna hit my head with some solid stuff.

nah jk This is way too epic

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This stuff is used on many games, its pretty cool!

Yo awesome! Some skilled animator and scripter we got here mate!