Tween Model System | v1

EDIT: please just dont use this cuz idk. ill make something better soon but idk. dont use this bc it uses old code i guess.

Tween Model System Is a module script that allows you to move models and tween them easily! (this is my first post so sry if its bad)

-Install the module here
-Insert it to the game
-drag the module to Server script service

-Type the following to the start of the script:
local tweenmodel = require(game.ServerScriptService.MODULE_NAME_HERE)

-next, type:

tweenmodel.tweenModel(Model, TweenInfo, Target)

Replace “Model” with your model you want to move.
Replace “TweenInfo” with your tween info.
Replace “Target” with your destination part. (REMEMBER “.CFrame” At the end)


The Finished Code Will Look Something Like this :

local tweenmodule = require(script.Parent.ModuleScript)

tweenmodule.tweenModel(workspace.Model,, Enum.EasingStyle.Linear), workspace.Part.CFrame)

This Is not the perfect system but it works!
Any feedback or questions? Tell me in comments :grinning:!

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i will provide better documentation later if this was hard to understand (yea my English is not the best!)

Can you explain why we would use this over this?

Sorry if I sounded rude but I don’t get what is the point of the post

I know why your english isn’t the best:

Also your code is bad and it uses deprecated stuff

though it does have a good result

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ya i have not updated it in a long time and i dont really know how but yea it works and its simple to use

yea… i dont know how to use it. it looks too complicated lo.
yea nvm ill go ahead and update this soon with some new stuff and better scripting. tho it still works.


My module reflects TweenService’s implementation 1-to-1, including support for repeating & reversing; if there’s something you’re confused about, please let me know! my module has the exact same API as default TweenService, and as such should be similar in ease of use.

As an addition, it supports tweening any model method - not just CFrames. Ive been using it to tween scale!

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I made my own simple functions a little while ago for tweening Pivots and Scales of models, was about to make a post about it but if there’s already topics on it there’s no point.

Something unique I do have though is a function that can tween a pivot relative to another pivot, which I use to tween the door handle of a moving door. If you want I can pass you the code and also give some advice on your module (such as swapping out RunService.Stepped for RunService.PreSimulation or probably RunService.PreAnimation as that’s around the time in the frame TweenService runs, etc).

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I’ve been aware of these events for a few years now, but there’s been no official announcement towards updating folks’ code towards it, and as such I’ve abstained from doing so until the API has been completely solidified.

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