Tween multiple parts of a Model


Ima use a example to show what I mean. Lets say, I have a plane. This plane is a model.

The plane shall do 3 things:

  • Fly along a route defined by waypoints
    • I am doing this by tweening from CFrame to CFrame, same speed is guaranteed by calculating the distance
  • Spinning propellers
  • Hatch that opens during the flight (picture 2)


When using the method explained here I would need a root for each propeller, for the plane itself and for the plane’s luke. The problem is that each root would have to be anchored and therefore can’t be tweened relative to the other roots. It could be possible, but would be quite costly.

Possible Solutions

After some research I figured out that Motor6D’s could be a solution. Unfortunately I don’t know how to use them and didn’t find a good example. I don’t know how I shall weld my plane and don’t know how to script these motors.

Are Motors the right solution for this or are there any other ways? If so can you give some examples how to implement them?

Thanks in advance!

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