Tween Not Playing

I created this script that clones a part about the players head and that all works but the tween part is not playing at all yet I get no errors what’s wrong with my script


The spiketable contains no information, you might have forgot to put tweeninfo inside the spiketable

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Depending on what you want the tween to do you need to put info into the spiketable.
Here is an example:

local spiketable = {
    Transparency = 1,
    Color = Color3.fromRGB(255, 0, 0)

This code with make your spike transparent and turn red. You can modify most properties with TweenService!

This Is part of the table I am basing off a tween I made before that also did this

Is the spike’s CFrame 0 on the X axis?

The Spike Goes Above the players head so it can be anywhere

Well when the player spawns with no spawn location they spawn at X: 0 Z: 0 So if that is the case then try moving around or add 1 to the CFrame so that it dose not zero out.

Still get the same result nothing happens even though it does print after the tween should play

You you send me more of the code?

This Is everything that has anything to do with the tweens and the spike

Are you sure that whatever you are wanting to tween is welded to spikeCast.Spike?

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Ohhhhh I am an idiot I welded it to another part whoops. Thank you so much

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