Tween part is not working

I want to make this part go to a position that raycast, but for some reason the position of the part is not changing.

here is my code:

local start = char.RightUpperArm.Position --the position you want the ray to start at
			local lookAt = mouse.p --the position you want the ray to end at
			local lengthInStuds = 80 --how long you want the ray to be in studs 
			local itemsToIgnore = {char} -- list if items for the ray to ignore
			local ray =, (lookAt-start).Unit * lengthInStuds)
			local part, position = workspace:FindPartOnRayWithIgnoreList(ray, itemsToIgnore)
			local tween = TweenService:Create(Part,, {Position = Part.Position +})

Thanks for reading

This doesn’t make any sense.
In your code, you’re trying to set the position of the part you hit to the position of the same part. The reason why nothing is changing is because you’re trying to use the constructor with a Vector3. The arguments for the constructor are supposed to be three numbers.