Tween rotation not working

Hello fellow devs!
I have encountered a problem while trying to make a tween.
Here is my code :

local function road1(roadroller:UnionOperation)
	local road = TweenService:Create(roadroller,,{Rotation =, roadroller.Rotation.Y,15)}):Play()

The error : attempt to index nil with ‘Rotation’
Thought’s on how to fix this?

The only problem i see here is that the roadroller parameter is nil - Meaning that it doesn’t exists. Are you sure that the roadroller Object actually exists before calling the function or if you actually passed the Object as a parameter?

Yea. It does exist. I have checked multiple times.

Seems like the Rotation property doesn’t exists on it… Maybe try using the Orientation property instead of Rotation?

local function road1(roadroller:UnionOperation)
	local road = TweenService:Create(roadroller,,{Orientation =, roadroller.Orientation.Y, 15)}):Play()

Oh my god I am so sorry for making this topic turns out I didn’t send the roadroller to the function :face_with_hand_over_mouth: